Now You Know

So, it turns out that Edie’s ‘suicide attempt’ was actually carefully staged for Carlos to catch her in the nick of time! After Gabrielle’s wedding and her liaison with Carlos, the two of them had arranged to run away and now she’s packed her bags and is waiting for his call. When she gets his call, from the hospital, he says he can’t leave Edie while she’s recovering from her ‘suicide’ and they’ll have to wait a few weeks. Gaby tells him to forget it!

Ever-paranoid Susan is convinced that after a month of marriage, Mike just isn’t as happy as he could be, despite his assurances he’s a happy hubby.

All of Wisteria Lane gathers to see who the new neighbors are and Susan is thrilled to see it’s her old friend, Katherine Mayfair, who lived on the lane 12 years before. Susan goes to see her doctor, who happens to be Katherine’s husband, Adam, and is horrified when he tells her she may have early symptoms of the menopause.

At the welcoming party for Mayfairs, Bree doesn’t realise that she’s accidentally gotten a large fork stuck in her fake belly! But a neighbour does notice and thinks that the barbecue sauce is blood…

Later, Adam visits Susan to tell her she’s not going through menopause – actually, she’s pregnant! Mike overhears and sweeps her up in his arms. He tells her he’s never been happier.