Bank-robbing magicians Jesse Eisenberg, Woody Harrelson and Dave Franco are back for more flashy thrills.

Joined by Lizzy Caplan, the swaggering Four Horsemen are coerced by Daniel Radcliffe’s dodgy tech tycoon into pulling off the theft of a new data-mining device.

The globetrotting adventure that ensues turns out to be an incredibly convoluted affair. There are trips to Macau and London, and the return of several key figures from the first film, including Mark Ruffalo’s ace magician, still keeping up his pose as an FBI investigator, and old foes Michael Caine’s crooked businessman and Morgan Freeman’s celebrity debunker.

There’s even a double role for Harrelson, camping it up as his character’s villainous twin brother.

Though the feints and flourishes fail to disguise the fact that there’s little of substance underneath, the movie’s razzle-dazzle showmanship is fun to watch while it lasts.