While Pc Joe Mason and Sergeant Miller quiz a young traveller, Mickey, who’s been attacked, nurse Carol Cassidy spots another injured traveller, Kim, with her five-year-old son Niall and worries when she sees that Kim is pregnant and covered in bruises. Carol tells Joe, who heads to the travellers’ camp to find out more about Mickey.

There, a man named Josh claims Mickey had a row with Frank Kelly, the game keeper on Lord Ashfordly’s estate. Joe questions Frank about Mickey’s attack but is forced to let him go when his alibi checks out. The next day, Lord Ashfordly finds Frank dead – and Mickey’s prime suspect. As the police hunt for Mickey, who’s fled the hospital, Kim refuses to reveal where he is.

But, when the officers accuse him of being Frank’s killer, Kim blurts out that Mickey couldn’t do it and that Josh – Niall’s father – is the one who’s been beating them all up. Kim reveals she’s been having an affair with Mickey, the father of her unborn baby, and when Josh found out he attacked him. After Josh is arrested, Carol follows Kim to cafe where she meets Mickey.

As Carol calls Joe to arrest them, back at the police station, Josh is in his cell getting more and more wound up. Will he escape?

Also, when David’s taxi breaks down again and Ma Barker, an old rival of Peggy’s, starts stealing his clients, he suspects she had something to do with it. And Pc Don Wetherby learns his wife’s been having an affair.