Nurses under pressure!

It’s the day of the nursing practice officer’s visit, and Mandy and Karen can’t understand why Howard is getting someone to check up on them.  Howard reassures them it’s about looking at their strengths and where they want to go in the future, not about blame. They’re placated until the arrival of Leona – hard-nosed, uncaring and condescending, as she sits in their consultations, making notes, determined to find problems.

Chris tells the others to play along but when Leona comes between him and a patient, he tells her exactly what he thinks of her nursing style – and the irony of such a hard-nosed woman spouting on about compassion. Howard overhears and all are sent to his office, where Leona, complete with crocodile tears, says things at The Mill are worse than she thought and recommends a complete change of nursing staff!

Howard lets her finish… then gives a cold, well observed character assassination and a passionate defence of his nurses. As he sends Leona packing, the nurses cannot believe the ringing endorsement they have received. However, he adds, training is still important – so tomorrow, the three of them will be going on a different course…

Elsewhere, Jas is still feeling jumpy after yesterday’s text and, to her horror, finds a similarly abusive message in her email inbox. Jas confides in Zara, whose advice is to send a sharply worded response; she’s had this kind of hassle before and this usually sorts out the weirdos. Jas isn’t sure, but Zara’s certain, and drafts a withering response with her. Zara’s attitude gives Jas strength and she sends their email off into the ether..

Also, Emma helps a patient reconcile his feelings after the death of his mother.