Ashley has been feeling so sorry for himself that he has failed to organise the annual carol service in the village. Well, it used to be Laurel’s job but she’s not there. And hearing that is like a red rag to a bull for psycho Sally. She charges in and takes control, getting the tree decorated and setting up the carolling in the village hall. All Ashley has to do is turn up and bask in the adoration of his sympathetic, faithful parishioners. But he doesn’t leave it there… After the singing, Ashley thanks Sally and says he’s sorry for keeping his distance. Has she hooked the foolish man again?

Meanwhile, Christmas shopping proves to be a dangerous activity for Ryan… He lets Maisie help him buy Katie’s present and they find that they enjoy each other’s company a little too much. They realise they’re attracted to each other, the question is: will they be able to resist it?

And just how strong is Mark’s willpower? He and Natasha comfort each other when they hear that the seizure Will had could mean he has epilepsy. But will Mark always be there for his family, or will Faye lure him away?

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