OB makes a big decision

In London, Max is relieved when OB says that Summer doesn’t want him and he’s returning to Hollyoaks. Meanwhile, Steph visits Summer, and is surprised to find her heartbroken and desperate to get back together with OB. With only half an hour before their train leaves, Steph phones Max to tell him that OB needs to tell Summer how he feels. And there’s a happy ending when OB and Summer reunite and OB announces he’s going to stay in London and say goodbye to Max and Tom. Nancy is still upset at Jake’s decision to stop her from seeing Charlie as he undergoes chemo. Justin insists on coming with the emotional Nancy to visit Charlie in hospital. However, they are interrupted by a furious Jake who immediately strips Justin of his visiting rights too. Mike tells Zoe he understands why she is pretending Kris is her boyfriend. Meanwhile, Kris agrees to help Zoe out, and they are forced to make their relationship debut at Leah’s first birthday party. But the tension explodes between Mike and Ste when Mike accuses Ste of stealing. In a bid for revenge, Ste shows Mike’s daughters the footage of him getting down and dirty with Zoe, leaving everyone in shock. VIDEO: Click here for Hollyoaks preview clips and backstage gossip