OB prepares to leave Hollyoaks

Max throws a surprise party for OB and Summer in The Dog where Steph agrees to Max’s suggestion to move into his flat. Meanwhile, OB gets emotional when Jack, Darren and Tony say their final goodbyes. Max and OB say an awkward farewell at the station, leaving OB to suddenly begin to make excuses as to why he can’t leave Hollyoaks. Summer is heartbroken and is left to board the train without him. She gives him one last chance to change his mind, but OB declines, and the train pulls away from the platform.

Nancy refuses to come out of the bedroom following Jake’s attempts to rape her on her wedding night. When she does eventually appear, Jake is repentant, and enthusiastically assures Steph everything is fine. But when Steph leaves, Jake’s agitation grows and he ends up admitting to Nancy that he was the one responsible for the sexual abuse allegation made against her over Newt. Incensed, Nancy tries to leave, and ignoring Jake’s emotional meltdown, tells him that their marriage is over.

Also, Zak is deflated as his attempts to get closer to Katy seem like a waste of time.

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