OB’s got his eye on Summer…

OB is pleased when Summer approaches him, but all goes wrong when Simon arrives with a shaken Tom who fell in to the deep end while OB was chatting her up.

Convinced the body they’ve found is Sean, Louise asks an edgy Warren to go with her to identify the body. Justin panics, knowing that if the corpse is Sean, then he and Warren will be going to prison.

Carmel and Mercedes are still at war and desperate Carmel asks Jacqui if she can stay with her. However Jacqui’s not keen and Carmel decides to make peace with Mercedes by offering her a free beauty treatment. Mercedes accepts Carmel’s offer when Nana admits she might have got it wrong about Carmel and Russ kissing. But Carmel has the last laugh when Mercedes’ fake bake goes hideously wrong.

With Jessica down about her cash flow situation, Zoe asks her to join her and moneybags Darren for lunch. Jessica is thrilled when Zoe offers her £500 from Darren’s winnings on the condition she doesn’t spend it on anything frivolous and gratefully accepts the much-needed cash.

But her happiness is short lived when Myra McQueen snatches the cash, saying it’s compensation for Carmel and John-Paul’s suffering last week.