Off the Scale! Ric tests Maddy for alcohol

Maddy, Donna and Maria arrive at work after another of Tom’s crazy drunken nights. They hear that Ric plans to randomly test staff for alcohol as part of his zero-tolerance campaign and, sure enough, Ric asks Maddy to be the first to be breathalysed. Tom gives her a breath freshener spray to send the device off the scale and she sprays it before entering the room. Will Tom’s plan work?

Elsewhere, Steve Hewitt’s widow is blaming Ric’s zero-tolerance policy for the death of her husband and her lawyer is questioning Tom’s faked research results! Annalese is in total shock as she knows she is responsible for Steve Hewitt’s death. She and Michael look over the tape of the operation and Michael decides to wipe it just to be safe. But Annalese won’t let him and says she wants to come clean.

Annalese runs to tell Jayne what happened and Michael tries to stop her, reminding her that no one suspects a mistake in the theatre. Will she listen to him – or ruin her career?

Faye decides she wants Joseph back. But every time she tries to talk to him, Jac gets in the way. She finally gets a minute with him and tells him she misses him. But Joseph thinks he doesn’t deserve forgiveness…