DS Rachel Dawson’s love life has been the cause of much gossip and gets her transferred away from Ashfordly and back into uniform. But before she can leave, she’s shot in the line of duty!

Joe and Rachel are working with CID to catch a violent gang of robbers which is targeting Post Offices. The main name in the frame is Steve Dempsey (Jay Simpson – Foyle’s War), a used car salesman with a sideline in criminal activity. The officers crack a code that reveals which Post Offices are due to be raided and sit in wait at the next one on the list. But Rachel has a feeling Dempsey knows the cops are on to him. She goes with Joe to warn another Post Office and they’re caught in a robbery. Rachel’s shot and Joe has to fight off the gang and try to save her.

Elsewhere, Peggy’s being unusually charitable, cleaning free of charge for Edward Walton (Rodney Bewes – The Likely Lads), whose wife is in a home. Oscar thinks she’s up to something, but Peggy convinces him it’s Edward who has a secret – a cupboard full of stolen goods. Turns out Edward’s sick wife is the thief and, in an act of human kindness, Peggy and Oscar help him return the items without getting his wife arrested.