Still undercover, DC Terry Perkins gets off the plane in Germany where Viktor Hauptmann claims there’s a traitor in their midst before shooting Nick Carson. As Terry wonders if Sun Hill officers will find him, DCI Jack Meadows, DCI Hajo Trautzchke and DCs Mickey Webb, Kezia Walker and Ina Zimmermann travel to the German police headquarters and discuss what to do.

Meanwhile, Charlotte Fischer’s stepfather, Karl Wegner, takes a call from Viktor who orders Karl to meet him at Leipzig train station with the ransom money for Charlotte’s release. A sting is arranged and the officers lie in wait as Karl heads to the station with the cash. But it soon becomes clear that it’s all been a set-up – and that Karl has been involved all along.

When questioned, Karl confesses that he set the kidnap up with Viktor as a way of trying to clear his debts but he vows to now help the officers nail Viktor. As German, English and armed officers surround the building where Charlotte is being held captive, Jack, Kezia and Mickey are horrified when gunshots ring out.

Fearing for Terry and Charlotte, the officers burst in…