Officers hunt for missing Claire

Pcs Sally Armstrong and Millie Brown answer a call to a domestic disturbance and find former junkie Heather Brown being thrown out of her home by her partner, Larry Kemp. He found drugs on their doormat and, convinced Heather’s using again, he doesn’t want her near him or their daughter, Claire.

Later that day, Claire goes missing and Larry’s convinced Heather has got her. But Heather has been arrested for shoplifting and has no idea where her daughter is. A search is launched and officers start questioning local residents.

That’s when Millie mistakenly decides not to interview homeless Christopher. As CCTV footage reveals, Christopher was in the park when Claire was taken by Heather’s friend, Dawn Campbell, and her boyfriend, Omar. And it becomes clear that Christopher is somehow involved when he is found badly beaten.

Meanwhile, Heather confesses that she owes Dawn money and she was supposed to sell the drugs Larry found to pay Dawn back. Larry tells Sergeant Smith that Dawn has been in contact: she wants money in exchange for Claire.

A plan is formed to get Claire back but a desperate Larry blows it. Sally, meanwhile, spots Claire’s jacket in Omar’s car. But there’s no sign of the little girl. Now how will they find her?