Officers probe Bethany’s disappearance

Officers are called to investigate when Joanne Riley’s eight-year-old daughter Bethany is reported missing. Bethany’s father, Bob, is horrified to hear what’s happened but Supt. Heaton’s suspicions are aroused when Bob is unable to provide a solid alibi for his whereabouts that afternoon.

After talking to pupils at Bethany’s school, DCs Grace Dasari and Mickey Webb pay a visit to classmate Mason Kemble, who shocks his mum, Susie, by telling the officers he saw his dad, Ryan, in his van outside the school. Grace and Mickey search Ryan’s van, and when they find Bethany’s cardigan, Ryan is arrested for kidnapping and taken away.

Back at Sun Hill, Ryan swears he has nothing to do with Bethany’s disappearance, claiming he found the cardigan while working at the school earlier that day. Next morning, Bob helps the police to search the local area, and is distraught when officers pull something out of the river and realises it’s just a bag of rubbish.

Bethany’s body is later uncovered – but the case against grieving Bob is dropped and Ryan is released due to lack of evidence. As the case continues, officers are stunned when further evidence leads them to a new suspect…