Oh, brother, Carl and Jimmy are finished!

Carl and Jimmy have never been close, but now Jimmy feels like his brother’s a stranger. Carl has coldly thrown Jimmy out of his house and made it clear he wants him out of his life, too. What’s Carl going to do next? That’s worrying Jimmy, but it’s worrying Chas more. But she doesn’t have to worry for long. Carl asks to see her – and has a romantic dinner all ready when she shows up. What’s going on? Well, Carl has a plan… But Chas has plans, too. She’s supposed to be at her hen do, so that’s where she goes.

Robbie has found out what Katie and Declan have been planning at Home Farm and goes straight to Megan. But she hasn’t got time for the private chat Robbie asks for. Then Robbie finds Declan and tells him what he knows – which is that Katie plans on suing Declan (over the complaint her client made, remember?) so they will get to keep all the money from the festival. Clever plan – but Robbie’s not sure he wants to go along with it, not even for the 10,000 pounds Declan offers him.

Money is what has ruined Diane and Chas’s friendship and Diane is hurt and angry. She has kept her word, though, and hasn’t told Dan or Debbie. But she does tell Moira, which might not be such a good idea…