*First episode*

Kirk realises that his relationship is in trouble and he decides that he needs to make a big gesture to convince Fiz that he’s serious about her. Meanwhile, Fiz meets John for lunch and is flattered when he tells her she’d be a great classroom assistant. Fiz mistakes his encouragement as a come-on and moves in for a kiss.

Steve and Michelle can’t resist each other now they’ve finally given in to their feelings, but their budding relationship is soon the talk of the street when Violet walks in on them snogging! Liz is less than impressed and she turns Steve down when he asks her to babysit Amy so that he and Michelle can have a night to themselves.

Blanche’s hopes of a reconciliation between Deirdre and Ken are quashed when Ken turns up at the Barlows, but assures her that he’s only turned up to collect some more of his belongings. Blanche realises that it’s up to her to convince him to talk things through with Deirdre.

Also, Leanne has a day out with Carla and thinks she’s well in with the family.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Fiz is mortified after kissing John and a stunned John fails to respond. But all hope is not lost as he gives her his phone number. Meanwhile, Kirk waits for Fiz with a big bunch of flowers and after putting on their favourite Slim Shady track he gets down on bended knee. Fiz is shocked and tearfully tells him that not only is she unable to marry him, she wants them to split up!

Steve is determined to have some time alone with Michelle and he spends all day hunting for a babysitter. When he finally finds someone to look after Amy, he triumphantly tells Michelle, who regretfully tells him that she’s already promised to take Ryan to the cinema. Steve decides to go along with Michelle and Ryan, but it’s not quite the romantic evening he was hoping for!

Claire confronts Jerry about his huge shed and expects to have a fight on her hands. But she’s disarmed when Jerry cheerfully agrees to sort it out. But when Claire leaves it’s clear that Jerry has no intention of doing anything.

Also, Deirdre refuses to talk to Ken about coming home.