Oh god! Don’t do it, Jai! (VIDEO)

Jai’s angry at Charity, very angry. She won’t have his baby and she has meddled in his parents’ marriage. He doesn’t want to talk to Charity, he just wants to drink. But his wife and his parents are everywhere he turns, so he goes to the factory, where he plans to get drunk on his own. Then Rachel turns up for her cleaning job. Suddenly, Jai’s in the mood for company and persuades Rachel to drink with him. Before you can say ‘don’t do it, Jai’ he’s done it with Rachel! Seriously.

Lisa knows this business with the loan sharks is serious and confides in Lizzie, who tells her to confide in the police or her family. Either way, she needs to do something fast. Realising that’s true, Lisa asks Charity for a loan and Charity immediately gives her fifty pounds. She doesn’t know that’s nowhere near enough to solve Lisa’s problem and Lisa’s too ashamed to tell her. She takes the money and gives it to the loan sharks, but they tell her they want much more and they want it soon. That’s not good news.

It’s not good news for Paddy, either, when Robbie thinks Paddy is Leo’s granddad. Haha! But Paddy’s not laughing. Well, if he wants to change his image he can start by tossing that flat cap he wears. He’s nearly 43 not 83!