Oh, Jai! What have you done?!

Anyone who had their money on Charity being the first one to cheat in her marriage would have lost it. Jai is the one who has played away – and less than six months after they married! He was drowning his sorrows because Charity won’t have his baby and Rachel comforted him – by sleeping with him. What is it with her? It’s always someone else’s man she has her eye on: Marlon, David and now Jai. But the morning after the night before, Jai isn’t wearing his whisky goggles and can’t even look Rachel in the eye. He tells her she was a mistake and she has to keep her mouth shut. But Rachel feels scorned – and that kind of woman can cause all sorts of trouble…

Ashley feels worried, depressed and hungry. He’s been secretly sleeping in the church and picking up scraps of food where he can. Then Jude asks for the church keys back and now Ashley has nowhere to sleep – except on the streets.

It’s Paddy’s birthday and he has nowhere to hide from a surprise party, but he very much wishes he had, especially after he’s forced to model a rather, er, colourful jumper he’s been given.