Leyla’s secret is out and David’s still reeling from Alicia’s revelation that Leyla is Jacob’s mother. When they met, Leyla was a hard-working girl struggling to pay the fees for her mother’s care home. Now she’s got a sister and a son and all her hard work seems to have gone into lying to him. Still, David loves Leyla and doesn’t want to lose her. But he’s shocked when Leyla tells him she now comes as a package, tied in with Alicia and Jacob. If David doesn’t want them all he’ll get nothing. David spent years not knowing Pollard is his father. Will he want to deny Leyla contact with her son?

Aaron’s got some soul-searching to do, too. What’s more important to him: taking revenge on Mickey for killing Clyde, or showing Jackson he’s capable of turning the other cheek? He speaks to Jackson from his heart and Jackson agrees to try again – but Aaron’s crazy head still concerns him…

Ryan’s going a little stir crazy and starts to panic when he gets his court date. Prison Officer Abi is there to make him feel better – but her special attention is about to make Ryan’s life a lot worse.

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