Jimmy’s one of those blokes you just want to give a good shake. He lurches from one domestic crisis to the next – with or without his memory! There’s Laurel persuading Nicola to give Jimmy another chance and what’s Jimmy doing? He’s flirting with Gennie in The Woolpack! And Gennie’s determined to show Nikhil she’s desired by other men so, seeing Nikhil watching her, she agrees to go back to Jimmy’s place. No, Jimmy! No! Nicola wants to talk about a reconciliation! But the daft bloke isn’t thinking with his brain.

Nikhil’s not thinking straight, either, when he sacks Holly. The girl works through lunch to make up for mistakes she’s made and is then accused of stealing 20 pounds from Laurel’s purse. It’s Lizzie who points the finger when the money goes missing, but it’s Nikhil who searches Holly and fires her on the spot when he finds 20 pounds on her. Even though there’s no proof it’s Laurel’s.

Alicia sees proof of how much Andy will miss Sarah when they go to Spain, but she’s relieved when he says their plans to emigrate are still on. She’s a hard-hearted woman all right!