Oh Romeo, Romeo… art thou back with Indi?

Romeo and Indi have finally reaffirmed their love and are making up for lost time. Romeo suggests they should hold off taking the next step, as he wants to make the experience wonderful for Indi. Sid is concerned about Indi getting back together with Romeo. But when he expresses his opinion that Romeo can’t be trusted, it only creates friction with Indi.

Later, Sid sees Romeo on the beach chatting to a very beautiful woman and suspects he’s reverting back to his old ways. But Roo explains things to Sid later, and he apologises to Romeo.

Indi talks to Romeo about the woman Sid saw him with and it leads to Romeo telling the truth about his feelings for her. But once they get together, they are in for a surprise.

Gina, John and Xavier share a quiet family birthday dinner, which is crashed by Gina’s old partner-in-partying Vanessa. Gina has to pull out of being chaperone for Xavier’s trip to the music festival, so Vanessa offers to go. Vanessa comes to see Gina to try to convince her to go with her to the festival – but are Gina’s partying days over?

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