OK, John. You can have your divorce! (VIDEO)

When Moira strayed from farmer John and into Cain Dingle’s arms she always meant to fall back in step with John; the affair was her way of lashing out because she felt John’s big plans for the farm would destroy their family. But she got found out and John fell out of step with her. Now he wants a divorce and, much as it breaks her heart to do it, Moira agrees to his request so that they can start to move on. But John isn’t happy, he’s devastated – and his feelings take him by surprise.

Ali and Ruby are another couple in trouble… They can’t pay Declan what they owe him and Ali reluctantly admits that she, Ruby and the kids will have to move. So she starts collecting boxes – not to live in, just to pack up. Looking for comfort, Ali talks to Ruby about how they’ll always have each other and the kids, no matter how bad things are. But Ruby can’t guarantee that Ali will always have her.

Pollard is also nursing a broken heart because Val has gone. Amy is desperately hoping for a happy ending, but Pollard’s not sure there will be one. He is sure, though, that he will stand by Amy, no matter what.