Illegal immigrant Olena risks everything to help Will when he collapses. Sam, Belle and the boy are showing Olena around Home Farm when Will starts having convulsions and a frightened Belle rushes to get Natasha. Olena stays with Will until he starts to regain consciousness but manages to hide just before Natasha arrives. She thinks Sam is the hero of the day and can’t thank him enough. She’s not happy with Mark, though… She wants to know where he was when his son needed him. He was with Faye but he’s not going to tell her that!

Debbie, on the other hand, is more than happy to speak her mind to Charity. She wants her gone but Charity says she’s staying put. She wants a second chance (er, by our calculations she’s had way more than one chance already!) to prove herself. As what – a liar and cheat? That job’s done…

Priya’s also trying to prove herself – as a supervisor at the factory. Nikhil tells her she has to bring Eli into line but the daft Dingle laughs at her attempts to discipline him. She soon wipes the smile off his face with a tongue-lashing and Eli knuckles down. But for how long?

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