Oliver can’t handle the truth

Struggling to cope with the implications of his DNA test results, Oliver breaks down and reveals to Elle that Alan Napier is his grandfather, and his parents aren’t the Barnes’s. Keen to help Oliver unearth his true origins, Elle hires a private investigator who tracks down Alan Napier’s son, Marcus. But when Oliver confronts him, he’s shocked to learn that Marcus believes Oliver is more likely to be his sister’s son, but suggests Oliver stays away from her as she’s trouble.

Pepper forces Frazer to reveal to Rosie that some feeling has returned to his legs. Overjoyed at the news, Rosie and Frazer agree to remain cautious but their future together looks brighter.

With Ringo nervous about embarrassing himself in front of Carmella while rehearsing their wedding dance, Carmella chooses an isolated country location for their practice. However, there’s a clear chemistry between them, and they both have to fight the urge to kiss.

Also, Steph is gobsmacked to discover that her video-game arch nemesis ‘Thorn’ is actually Rosie. Losing the bet, competitive Steph is left having to choose an 80s power ballad to sing at Rosie’s wedding.