Oliver is annoyed by Elle’s meddling

Oliver is furious when Elle challenges Rebecca’s ground rules, fearing that Oliver is going to get hurt. As Oliver gets to know his mother in private, Paul tells Elle that this is a journey Oliver needs to take. But Elle is angry when Rebecca cancels a lunch date, and ends up making her feelings for Rebecca crystal clear. Oliver is unimpressed with Elle’s interference, and informs her that if she forces him to choose between her and his mother, she’ll lose.

Mickey’s first day at school comes to an abrupt end when he’s sent home for bullying another child. When Janae realises she may have accidentally provoked the situation, Ned flies off the handle, and takes his own guilt out on Janae. Deciding he can look after Mickey without Janae’s help, Ned asks her to leave them alone.

Harold worries when Caleb asks Sky to accompany him to Sydney. But Sky tells Caleb that she’s not ready to love him as he loves her yet, even though they’re kindred spirits. Freed by their honesty, Sky agrees to go on the trip.

Also, Adam and Pepper plan a DVD night but Pepper is shocked by Adam’s choice of film.