Adam promises to do some private investigation into the Gus Cleary case but Elle is scared he might uncover evidence to convict her dad. Meanwhile, she agrees to help Paul track down Gus’s family to explain things. Eager to get hold of the family contact details, Elle heads to the Erinsborough News offices where she’s surprised to run into brand new cadet Riley. However, Riley’s experienced editor doesn’t buy Elle’s fake cover story, and refuses to hand over any information. This doesn’t deter Elle who simply steals the book of contacts, and finds the address of Gus’s sister Laura.

Meanwhile, at Alan Napier’s funeral, Oliver is shocked to be served a writ from his absent brother Sebastian/Will contesting his stake in the Barnes empire. Oliver argues that his parents entrusted the business to him and he is committed to honouring their memory. He draws up a draft Prospectus of Sale, but is disappointed when Diana tells him he can’t sell anything while ownership is contested. However, Rebecca accidentally sends the wrong document to Will’s lawyer Tim, who acts immediately to freeze all of Oliver’s assets.

Also, pre-exam test results are in for Year 10, but it’s bad news for Declan and Ringo who lies to Rachel about his dire results.