Oliver learns of Declan’s kidnap

Oliver is pleased when the police reveal that Declan is no longer a suspect in the hit-and-run case. But his relief doesn’t last long when Oliver receives a call to say that Declan has been kidnapped. Despite Paul wanting to tell the police, Oliver refuses, eager to play by the kidnapper’s rules to keep Declan safe. Later, Adam becomes suspicious when he calls in to give the family an update on the search for Declan, and Rebecca tries to throw him off the scent.

Declan is foiled in his attempt to leave Nick and Laura’s hotel room when Nick gets violent and the couple tie him up. Preparing to move him to a safer location, their getaway is interrupted by Paul. But before he can rescue Declan, panicking Laura knocks Paul out with a vase. When he comes round, Nick, Laura and Declan have vanished.

Although Toadie pledges to fight for Susan’s freedom, she feels too guilty about her driving negligence and insists she deserves to be punished. Meanwhile, Zeke and Rachel are supportive after learning the news and come to pick her up when she’s released. But how will Susan deal with the tough test of facing her Ramsay Street neighbours?