Oliver makes a shocking revelation

The downward spiral of reckless junior doctor, Oliver Valentine, plunges even further this week. In despair over his future he makes a bombshell confession. After he unsuccessfully schemed, two weeks ago, to blame Penny for a surgical mistake he made, Oliver found himself at an all-time low – having to repeat his ‘F2’ year of medical training and being shunned by both his sister and his unsympathetic colleagues.

Things go from bad to worse when a patient dies on Oliver, and his confidence in his abilities is knocked further. He goes missing from the wards, but is later found by Penny in a maintenance corridor.

At rock bottom, Oliver makes a shocking confession to Penny. He blurts out that, when they were at medical school, he swapped their final exam papers. When Penny ‘failed’, she re-sat the year, but Oliver progressed, having used her pass mark. It means that Oliver is not a qualified doctor and has been practising illegally.

Will Penny reveal the truth to their bosses and end their relationship for ever? Or will Holby’s sibling surgical act break the law and keep the dark secret hidden?

Elsewhere, Greg suggests that Sahira can’t juggle motherhood and her job; Sacha puts his foot in it with Chrissie and Dan.