Oliver meets his dad

Desperate Rebecca tries to explain her behaviour to a bewildered Oliver, who decides to confront his father. But he’s further confused to find Richard is a respectable and loving man, nothing like the monster Rebecca described. Declan’s curiosity regarding his father’s supposed unsavoury past increases when Rebecca refuses to tell the truth about Richard. Meanwhile, Paul has fallen for Rebecca in a big way and promises to protect her and Declan from Richard.

Adam’s psych assessment for the police goes badly, with the psychologist telling him that unless he deals with the issues surrounding the death of his police partner in the UK, there’s no future for him as a cop in Australia. Will Adam face his demons?

Determined to make up for his false accusations against Stonie, Toadie agrees to take his brother on a night out, with Steph keen for the boys to talk through Stonie’s failed marriage. Stonie ends up bringing a girl home that evening – but things go wrong when he admits he’s still in love with his wife. The next morning, Toadie is disappointed to see Stonie seems to have reverted to being in denial.