Oliver meets his real mum

Oliver leaves an answerphone message for Rebecca – the woman he thinks could be his real mum – begging her to get in touch. To his surprise, she agrees to come to Lassiter’s and, after an agonising wait, the pair finally come face to face. But the meeting is too much for Rebecca, and while Oliver gets answers to some of his questions, she makes it clear they cannot see each other again.

Although she denies being in love with Ned, Janae tells Janelle she needs to stay in Erinsbrough to help Ned and Mickey. Afraid to lose another child, Janelle finds it difficult to come to terms with her daughter’s decision.

Still pining for Adam, Pepper is delighted when he makes a surprise entrance at the Timmins farewell barbeque, and says he wants to get over his past, but he’ll need her help. After, Janelle and Steiger throw a wedding surprise into their farewell barbeque, when Steiger invites his new wife’s idol, Daryl Braithwaite, to sing at the do. Later, Janelle, Steiger and Bree depart Ramsay Street in style by helicopter.