Carmella and Marco are devastated when Oliver charges Marco with assault, and worry it could affect their chances of keeping custody of Chloe. When Marco tries but fails to reconcile with Oliver, it seems the fight is well and truly on. And things get worse when Harold goes back on the house deal.

Shocked Libby won’t listen to Daniel’s repeated attempts to explain about his marriage. Eventually, she agrees to a drink, and he explains his wife Samantha was bipolar and she left him, making him promise he wouldn’t come after her. Libby is touched by his story, but refuses to be the other woman again after her experience with Darren. Later, Dan takes the first step in trying to find Samantha.

On the verge of taking their relationship to the next level, Zeke and Taylah reconsider and decide to go slow. Meanwhile, Rachel fends off advances from Declan out of consideration for Bridget’s feelings.

Lou is having second thoughts about going travelling with Harold. And after Mickey shows him how much he loves and needs him, Lou decides to stay.

Also, Paul worries about how Oliver’s moving in could affect Elle.

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