Like Declan, Oliver pretends to be concerned for Richard’s welfare and persuades him to accept his organ donation. Meanwhile, Elle is horrified that Oliver is risking his life for Richard and asks Carmella for support. Not keen to get involved, Carmella suggests Elle should think about why she cares so much. Perhaps she’s not over Oliver? Luckily, Oliver comes through the surgery, although Richard’s life still hangs in the balance. Rebecca declares that she will hold up the legal action until he’s well enough to face court.

When Kirsten invites Ned and Janae to a barbecue for Mickey’s birthday, she’s quietly pleased that Ned isn’t aware of the significance of the date. Oily lawyer Tim Collins urges her to work Ned’s forgetfulness to her advantage in the custody case, and Mickey is even persuaded not to remind his dad it’s his birthday. When Ned arrives at the party, he is mortified to discover he’s forgotten.

Luckily, Janae checks her diary and comes to the rescue with some special presents just in time. However, honest Ned comes clean to Mickey and admits he forgot, while elsewhere, Janae is furious with Kirsten for playing games. Meanwhile, Tim decides Janae’s feisty personality could work to their advantage in the case, and sets about hatching a plan…