Oliver is once again working under the watchful eye of reckless surgeon Greg Douglas, a task made even more painful by Greg’s insistence that Oliver spend the day sorting paperwork. Oliver, still hoping to impress, puts all his efforts into making his admin task worthwhile and in the process discovers a discrepancy in a patient’s file that could potentially embarrass Greg, Connie and Holby City.

While Connie is determined that Greg keep a lid on their mistakes, Ollie takes matters into his own hands and tackles the patient himself. Risking making enemies of Connie and Greg, Oliver narrowly escapes disaster when he manages to fix the situation and in the end receives praise from his normally dismissive mentor.

Meanwhile, Penny is made the new main surgeon of AAU, but her first day on the job goes badly when she catches nurse Frieda performing a procedure she’s not legally entitled to.

Elsewhere, Ric and Annalese grow closer.