Oliver tells Rebecca to leave town

Rebecca is thrilled when her son Oliver and his family arrive at Charlie’s and Oliver thanks Michael for supporting his mum. Paul, however, isn’t as pleased to see Oliver, who warns him to stop harassing his family. Rebecca is shocked when Oliver tells her he isn’t there to fight Paul, he’s there to take her away and that she needs to leave Erinsborough for good.

With Rebecca thinking about leaving, Michael can tell that something is going on and asks her what it is. She knows she has to be honest and tells him her family are all leaving, including Declan and India and that she wants Michael to go with her. Knowing he can’t leave Tash and desperate to keep Rebecca in Ramsay Street, Michael asks her to marry him. She accepts and tells Oliver she’s staying, but he’s concerned.

Callum is wondering why his aunt Robyn hasn’t replied to his letter and Sonya looks on feeling guilty. Toadie offers to call her for him but he turns the offer down, saying he’ll wait for her to reply. Later, Sonya looks confused when Callum receives a letter from Robyn and is worried when Jade admits she wrote the letter to stop Callum waiting.

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