Oliver tells Richard to stay away

Oliver orders menacing Richard to stay away from his family. Meanwhile, Rebecca finally finds the strength to report Richard for his crimes, but when she gets to the police station, she’s stunned to find Richard already there reporting Declan for attempted murder. The police advise Richard to stay away from his family until the situation is resolved. But it seems nothing will deter Richard, who follows his family to Charlie’s before issuing Rebecca with a chilling threat.

A pep talk from Steph prompts Toadie to make drastic life changes and he quits his job after telling Tim a few home truths. Inspired by Toadie, Rosie refuses Tim’s bribes and also resigns. The pair then launch their own firm, Rebecchi & Cammeniti.

As Adam’s practical police assessments begin, he impresses his superiors and his girlfriend Pepper, by demonstrating what a brilliant copper he really is.

Stonie’s estranged wife turns up and the pair build bridges after Stonie promises to stop his destructive habit. But how easy is it going to be?

Also, pregnant Carmella is given food for thought when she learns Elle and Oliver have split up.