Oliver tries to prove himself

Still battling to accept Paul’s infidelity, Elle rejects Oliver on Rebecca’s advice that he is bad news. Confronted by this assessment from the two women he loves most, Oliver sets out to prove himself as both a gentleman and an irresistible lover.

Threatened by Ringo’s request to move in with the Kennedys, insecure Prue lashes out at Susan. But she ends up being silenced by Susan’s understanding and empathy. Meanwhile, Ringo’s newfound resolution about his future allows Frazer to follow his dream to go to Italy with Rosie, with Ringo moving closer to becoming a part of the Kennedy-household.

Elsewhere, Prue is unable to let go of the blame and resentment, which is still affecting her relationship with Frazer. Eager to move forward and start afresh, Frazer feels he has no choice but to cut his family ties with Prue.

After an uncomfortable run-in with Taylah’s older ex, Zeke convinces himself she would love him if he were more ‘grown up’. With Ringo’s surprise 18th birthday coming up, he enlists the help of Declan to secure them some booze.

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