Oliver wants it both ways

Elle and Oliver are riddled with guilt following their kiss. Oliver tries to make amends by reinforcing his love for Carmella, while Elle confides in Ned. Protective Ned berates Oliver for treating Elle badly, and Elle decides she must cut Oliver out of her life. However, later, Elle is stunned when Oliver reveals that, despite his love for Carmella, he wants her too.

Paul is shocked when he comes across a beaten and bruised Fox, and invites him back to the flat for a bit of company. Although he feigns reluctance, Fox is secretly pleased to be back in Paul’s good books.

Convinced that Sky will not be released from jail, a tormented Harold makes the heartbreaking decision to apply for custody of baby Kerry.

Frazer informs Rosie of Pepper’s admission that she is struggling to accept their engagement, but reveals he thinks Pepper is in reality suffering from other emotional issues. Concerned Rosie approaches Pepper who continues to hide the real truth behind her erratic mood swings, but does reveal that she lied to Frazer to get him off her back.

Also, Susan is surprised to catch Karl buying hair dye in his quest for a youthful appearance. But they’re both mortified by the disastrous results.