Oliver’s secret is out!

Fearing that Carmella’s disapproval of Elle may jeopardise his chances in negotiating access to baby Chloe, Oliver decides to keep his relationship with Elle a secret from her. But he’s furious when Sienna puts her foot in it and blows the secret, prompting Carmella to screw up the access arrangement, before declaring that Elle will have nothing to do with her baby.

Steph is worried about Toadie’s imminent return to Erinsborough. Concerned that he will still be hurt and bitter from their break up, she frets that he won’t want to be friends with her. But when he turns up, she is surprised to discover he has moved on and has some new friends in his life.

Despite her bond with Ned and Mickey continuing to grow, Kirsten remains caught up in the ongoing saga of Paul’s mysterious blackmailer. Fearing her secret will come out and she will end up losing both Ned and Mickey, she panics when an envelope arrives for Ned.

Feeling that she has no other choice, she ends up confessing everything to him. Will he forgive her?

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