Olivia is adamant that she wants to move on and welcomes the distraction of Hunter and VJ who arrive to watch a movie. Later, the teenagers head out for a pizza and Irene struggles to contain her emotions when she looks at an old photograph. When Olivia returns home, and Irene admits she was also abused as a teenager, they are both overcome with emotion.

Chris declares he wants to be a brides-man at Leah’s wedding but things become awkward when Hannah also declares she wants to be a bridesmaid and the couple get competitive to win a position in Leah’s bridal party.

Oscar feels terrible when Evelyn says at least Matt has been respectful enough not to make a move on Maddy. Maddy decides to tell Matt and Oscar how she really feels. When she heads over to talk to Matt, he interrupts and says nothing can happen as he wants to put Leah and Zac’s wedding first.