Irene returns home to find Raffy in tears. Hunter tells Olivia she’s out of line, as she didn’t give anyone proper instructions and just bossed them around. To make matters worse, Olivia is getting complaints from customers about late deliveries and poor service.

Olivia knows she needs to pay for proper assistants, so Irene tells her to go to the bank and see what they offer her for a business loan. Will Olivia take her advice or go to extreme lengths to get hold of her trust fund?

Later, Raffy fancies a treat, so she heads off to The Diner to pick up a chocolate dessert. However, she’s livid when she bumps into Marilyn and John as they make their way to say goodbye to Roo. Raffy feels hurt about being kept out of the loop and takes her frustrations out on Roo’s car….

When Beth visits Mason, he tells her that her father wants him to stay away. Beth is livid and tells her father that she and Mason want to be together. Begrudgingly, Alan sees how happy they are and gives the couple his blessing. However, the happy times don’t last long when, during a date with Mason, Beth collapses!