Ollie attacks Elliot!

Since the death of wife Tara, Oliver Valentine has been at loggerheads with Professor Elliot Hope, believing he’s to blame for forcing Tara into having the brain surgery that killed her. And, this week, Ollie physically lashes out at his mentor. Hungover Ollie arrives at work determined to prove himself as he’s being assessed for the CT2 position. Elliot asks Ollie to treat Lexi, a patient whose Herzig heart device is failing.

Elliot’s still trying to protect Ollie but counsellor Sharon knows he’s dealt with the death of his own wife Gina – who voluntarily ended her life in Switzerland – and thinks it’s time Ollie stood on his own two feet. Meanwhile, Ollie discovers Lexi’s damaged the Herzig device herself by not taking her medication. But he fails to identify fluid on her lungs, then discovers a drug he’s prescribed her is causing complications.

Later, with Sharon’s words on his mind, Elliot suggests Ollie takes some time off to sort himself out; it’s for the best, he should know. With that, Ollie erupts in fury: Gina had a choice, Tara didn’t want to die! As Elliot tries to reach out once more, an irate Ollie forcefully pushes him away. Will Ollie be able to repair things with his mentor?

Meanwhile, tensions are still running high between Sacha and Chrissie over Rachel’s bone marrow transplant. Chrissie is terrified of losing Daniel, just like she lost Amanda. Can she risk putting her son through a procedure knowing there’s a risk he could die?

And Michael is struggling with the fact he simply can’t help his patient Seb. When Seb’s father accuses Michael of giving them false hope and retreats from seeing Seb – Michael is devastated and resolves to make one of Seb’s last wishes come true…