On the verge of a nervous breakdown

Subtle signs that something’s amiss with troubled medic Ruth have been building up for months, following her discovery that her husband, Edward, is gay.

This week her erratic behaviour becomes more obvious when she turns up for her shift uncharacteristically caked in make-up, wearing a flower in her hair and in a highly agitated state.

Throughout the day, Ruth thinks she can see the words ‘help me’ – first on a patient’s tattoo and then in a letter. Then events take a sinister turn when she becomes convinced a young schizophrenic patient, Katy, has a brain tumour and needs her help.

Unknown to her colleagues, Ruth locks herself and Katy into the on-call room and prepares to operate!

Jay, Lenny and Zoe track Ruth and Katy down to the on-call room and immediately it’s obvious something is seriously wrong. Zoe manages to persuade her not to operate without Jordan’s assistance and Ruth agrees.

Jordan gains Ruth’s trust and stops her taking a scalpel to Katy. Once she opens the door, a police team and mental health workers restrain her and Ruth is sectioned.

Elsewhere, it’s Kirsty’s wedding anniversary and husband Warren suggests they spend the day bowling, just like they used to. Kirsty decides to call in sick and give their marriage another chance.

But Warren’s mood darkens and he turns on Kirsty again. Later, a bloodied Kirsty turns up on Adam’s doorstep saying she can’t take any more of her husband’s abuse…