O’Neil formally accuses Dave of rape

DI O’Neil decides to make a formal accusation of rape against Dave, and Rob reluctantly arrests him. Rob tries his best to be neutral in spite of his recent run-in with O’Neil. Dave is shaken and berates himself for getting involved with O’Neil when so many warned him to steer clear. Emma takes samples from Dave, who admits he did sleep with O’Neil but claims it was all very light-hearted.

Jimmi is taking the samples from O’Neil, who is brittle, rude and uncooperative. As she gives her account of what happened it’s revealed the alleged rape was a second encounter after consensual sex. O’Neil doubts anyone will believe her but Jimmi says he would urge any woman who’s been raped to make it official. Then O’Neil gets emotional; she wants to destroy Dave for what he did, no matter what it takes.

Meanwhile, Mrs Tembe thanks Gordon for suggesting she clear the air with Thomas and apologises again for lying that her husband had died; she understands how he must feel it trivialised the death of his own wife. With that, Gordon changes gear; he’s no longer speaking as her vicar but as her friend. He’s glad she’s confronted her past and his respect for her is not diminished.

However, she must understand that he could not give his life over to a person who could lie about such a thing. Mrs Tembe is floored by this change of atmosphere between them. Gordon is kind but firm; he and his wife had no lies between them and he wouldn’t want anything less a second time around. Mrs Tembe leaves the food bank absolutely crushed.

Also, Heston helps a troubled student who’s convinced he has uncovered a terrorist cell.