Emma’s back at the police station and, upon her arrival, is immediately cornered by O’Neil, who needs help reviewing an assault case. As much as Emma wants to get out of it, O’Neil’s insistent and they must be professional. Emma simply wants to grit her teeth and get through the day, but O’Neil keeps dropping in references to the rape case, distraught that nobody seems to assume any credibility to her case – not even the women! She thinks she might be getting a sympathetic ear from Emma, but finds only cold professionalism.

O’Neil’s distress is compounded by the revelation that Dave has posted insinuating, sexist banter about O’Neil online for the whole world to see. Emma insists this is all childish conjecture but O’Neil bites back: you would defend him, wouldn’t you? After all, he’s been making comments about you online, too! O’Neil now knows about Emma’s sexual past with Dave, and it probably won’t be long until the rest of the station does too. Emma admits to O’Neil she’s not unbiased and sees it as evidence that allows her to defend Dave. But O’Neil offers her a reminder – people can change.

Following Zara’s quit threat, Daniel drives her to work at The Mill and Zara’s soon asking him for advice on how to craft her letter of resignation. Daniel pleads with her to reconsider and tries to convince her to go to therapy with him. Zara’s dismissive. Therapy?! Daniel might need therapy, but not her. She informs Jimmi of the suggestion, hoping he’ll back her up. After all, he knows it’s not necessary for someone well-adjusted like her. But Jimmi just laughs: Zara well-adjusted?! Rattled, Zara agrees to Daniel’s idea. One session. Not with Oliver but with a different therapist. That’s all he’s getting…

Also, a heroin addict, who’s escaped from juvenile detention, is repeatedly thwarted in his efforts to procure methadone from Kevin without being sent back inside.