Oops! Chas reveals to Katie that Declan’s a cheat

*Episode two*

Uh-oh. Katie’s unhappy with Declan – again – and moans to Chas – again. Katie’s ticked off because Declan hasn’t reported the bones his workers dug up at the festival site. But Chas thinks she’s unhappy because of Declan’s one-night stand with Charity. Wow! Chas really wasn’t paying attention! Katie didn’t know about Declan and Charity, but she does now… and she’s very unhappy, more so when she finds out Jai and Cameron also know about this Charity incident. Declan has betrayed her in so many ways and Katie can’t let him get away with it. She wants revenge – and what Katie wants Katie usually gets.

Belle wants revenge, too. She wants to get back at Gemma for sleeping with Sean but she goes way too far… Belle writes on a blackboard at school, in front of the whole class, that Gemma had an abortion. Zak and Lisa are summoned and are ashamed of Belle; they don’t recognise their daughter any more – and they might not be the only ones with that problem if Dom gets his hands on Belle.

Kerry’s got her hands on Dan and she doesn’t want to let him go. Oh, Dan…you sure can pick ‘em: a lesbian (Ali), a woman in love with another man (Chas) and now this, a woman who really only cares about herself.