Oops! Kerry’s done it again

Amy’s discovered that Kerry has left Andy’s kids home alone for a second time. Kerry ran out of wine and just couldn’t face babysitting stone cold sober so she ducked out to buy some more. But the shop was shut so she went to the B&B for a drink, as any poor excuse for a stepmother would. And while she was out drinking, Amy found Sarah left alone, with baby Jack asleep. Surely this time Amy will warn Andy before tragedy strikes? Not if Kerry can help it! She has Amy out of the house before Andy gets home and has no intention of letting him know that she’s a danger to his kids, and not the 21st century, X-rated version of Mary Poppins that Andy thinks she is.

Sam’s been doing a bit of thinking and has come to the conclusion that he doesn’t care who the father of Rachel’s baby is. Georgia, on the hand, is going to care a lot – when she finds out. Nobody’s told her yet and Nikhil’s worried that when she does find out her reaction will register on the Richter scale. And it does!

Declan knows Steve has land he wants and he’s not feeling quite so clever now. There’s only one thing for it: he has to swap the racehorse for the land Steve bought.