Gabrielle rents out a room to bring in some extra cash but she’s soon suspicious of their student tenant, Ellie, who has a series of men visit her in her room. Convinced she’s a prostitute, Gaby asks one of her gay neighbours to pose as a prospective client but Ellie attacks him when he propositions her. She’s no prostitute and the men are calling for a different reason – she’s a drug dealer.

After Orson turns up drunk to see Bree, Edie offers to drive him home but Orson can’t face going back to his bachelor apartment so she puts him up on her sofa. When Bree realises what’s happened she confronts Edie, who takes offence and offers Orson the chance to stay longer.

Meanwhile, Lynette discovers that it was Kayla who put the twins up to burning down Rick’s restaurant and decides her daughter needs to see a psychiatrist, as she clearly can’t tell right from wrong.

When Susan meets her ex-husband Karl and his new wife at her ante-natal class, both bragging about how terrific their life is, she’s determined to show them just how good her life is, too.

After becoming suspicious of Dylan’s evening ‘dates’, Katherine discovers that her daughter’s been seeing her father. Later, she agrees to meet Wayne face to face.