Harry Potter star Tom Felton stars in sci-fi thriller Origin which follows a group of strangers who wake up to find themselves on a space ship…

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Tom stands out in a good-looking youngish cast – and, yes, he’s grown up a lot since he was Malfoy in the Harry Potter films – as one of a gang of desperadoes waking in deep space to find their ship is badly damaged.


Tom Felton and the cast of sci-fi thriller Origin

‘It’s 10 strangers from around the world who are all on this spaceship, hoping to colonise a new planet and leave their old lives behind,’ explains Tom, 31. ‘In each episode you learn a little more about the backstories of these people.

‘An interesting aspect to the show is how the audience slowly learns about the passengers’ backstories, but the other passengers on board don’t.

‘As each episode goes on, the more the audience starts to question who people are, and the more reason there is to be sceptical of who everyone is. There is a whodunit aspect that I really like.’

The cast also includes former EastEnders star Nina Wadia, who plays Zainab Masood in the BBC1 soap, and Natalia Tena, who starred alongside Tom as Nymphadora Tonks in the Harry Potter films.

‘My character, Logan, is a petty criminal from California. He’s a bit of a hothead with a foul mouth, and he’s not known for being the sweetest person, but he’s a lot of fun to play.’

Tom is best known for playing Harry Potter’s rival in the series of films based on the series of books by JK Rowling. Does he like playing dark characters?

‘The dark side of a person appeals to me as an actor. I’m quite a light-hearted, easy-going British dude,    so to have the chance to play an aggressive, foul-mouthed American is a happy switch!’

TV Times rating: ****