Orson catches Gloria in the act

Orson’s in hospital following his fall from the parking lot. He doesn’t mention his fight with Mike, so his fall is treated as attempted suicide when it’s revealed that he was ‘committed’ as a teenager after finding his father in the bath with his wrists slit.

Susan and Ian are at the hospital to collect Jane’s personal things. Bree tells Susan that she has news that will clear Mike as a suspect for Monique’s murder and the two rekindle their friendship. Susan goes to tell Mike the good news, but overhears him telling Carlos that Orson’s fall wasn’t an accident.

When Bree is allowed home, Danielle is asked to keep an eye on her. Gloria turns up with soup for Bree and Danielle takes it straight up to her before leaving. Alma climbs onto the roof to alert Danielle that something’s wrong but falls, dying instantly. Gloria then informs Bree that she drugged the soup.

At the hospital, a nurse tells Orson that Bree has gone home and that his mother is with her. He races home and catches Gloria about to slit Bree’s wrists. When a struggle ensues and Gloria suffers a stroke, Later, Orson tells Bree that their troubles are over and Mike’s now in the clear for Monique’s murder.

Elsewhere, it’s opening night of Pizzeria Scavo; Gabrielle confronts Zach when Carlos concludes that Zach lied about them sleeping together; Ian proposes to Susan.