Oscar apologises to Spencer

Oscar arrives to help with the Colour Run, but Spencer ignores him. Irene and Chris tell Spencer to cool down for Maddy’s sake. Hannah urges Oscar to be the bigger man in this situation. Later, the pair bump into one another and agree to let bygones be bygones for Maddy’s sake.

Despite Roo and Alf advising Maddy to keep her friends in her life, she decides to cut them off. Oscar is worried, but Evelyn says Maddy needs some time. Later, Maddy admits to Evelyn her chemotherapy isn’t working.

Andy struggles with his personal trainer qualification and Josh feels guilty for not noticing he couldn’t read. Andy asks for Josh’s help to learn, but Josh says it won’t be easy.

Kyle is faced with a dilemma when Josh asks him for a job at Angelo’s. Kyle has to weigh up his loyalty to Matt or the family ties to Josh. When Matt goes AWOL, Phoebe encourages Kyle to make Josh her trainee.