Maddy hasn’t made contact since running away and time is running out to have treatment. When Spencer hears the news, he blames Oscar for letting Maddy get away but everyone is given a glimmer of hope when Maddy eventually picks up one of Spencer’s calls on a busy city street. Maddy refuses to come home and says she’s: “where she needs to be.” 

Spencer pushes his anger to the side and apologises to Oscar, admitting he is the best person to track Maddy down. Oscar mentions a scrapbook Maddy has been making and heads off to the city to find her.

Before Oscar goes off to search for Maddy, he visits Hannah in hospital and she asks Nate and Andy not to say anything about her spine. As Oscar leaves, Andy asks Oscar to tell Evelyn and Denny that Hannah needs some peace and quiet. A guilt-stricken Nate tells Hannah that Sophie caused the crash leaving Andy fuming.